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    The FPA of Michigan is pleased to announce that we now offer both a "Job Postings" and a "Job Seekers" section on our website. 

    FPA Members can post employment opportunities under "Submit a Job Posting" and interns who are seeking an internship or recent college graduates who are seeking entry level employment can submit their resume under "Submit a Resume"

    If you are seeking employment, please view available employment opportunities under "Job Postings" or click here.  If you are an employer looking for an Intern or a recent college graduate, please view available resumes under Job Seekers Available or click here.

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    Job Seeker
    Feb. 19, 2018


    Job Seeker
    Mar. 5, 2018


    Job Seeker
    Apr. 9, 2018


    Job Seeker
    Apr. 12, 2018


    Branch Office Administrator

    Superiorland Financial Partners (Paul Hein, CFP)

    Job Posting
    Apr. 28, 2018


    Job Seeker
    May. 4, 2018


    Job Seeker
    May. 7, 2018


    Client Service and Executive Coordinator

    Future Benefits Corporation

    Job Posting
    May. 21, 2018


    Client Service Associate

    Mercer Advisors

    Job Posting
    May. 29, 2018


    Associate Financial Planner

    SGH Wealth Management

    Job Posting
    May. 31, 2018


    Internal Financial Wholesaler

    Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd.

    Job Posting
    Jun. 6, 2018