FPA of Michigan NexGens

    What is “NexGen” and what is the group’s mission?

    FPA of Michigan NexGen acts as a state wide community for young financial planners under the age of 37. This unique group of current and future leaders seeks to advance the profession by promoting community engagement and inspiring industry innovation.

    Why consider coming to NexGen events if you’re under the age of 37?

    Pretty simple – our profession is aging and it’s up to us as the next generation of planners to continue to move financial planning in the right direction. You will also benefit from personal and professional growth by connecting with planners who are dealing with similar issues as you.

    I’m older than 36 but I have younger staff and contacts who I think could benefit from this group – what should I do?

    Fantastic – don’t keep us a secret! Feel free to have them contact us, even if they are not current FPA members. We’d love to chat and see if the group can benefit them.

    When does NexGen meet?

    For information on upcoming NexGen events, click here.

    NexGen Committee Chair:          Nick Defenthaler, CFP®

    NexGen Committee Member:     Clayton Smith

    NexGen Committee Member:      Darren Brennan, CFP®

    For information on upcoming NexGen events, click here