Job Seekers

    The FPA of Michigan is pleased to announce that we now offer both a "Job Postings" and a "Job Seekers" section on our website.  

    FPA Members can post employment opportunities under "Submit a Job Posting" and interns who are seeking an internship or recent college graduates who are seeking entry level employment can submit their resume under "Submit a Resume". 

    If you are seeking employment, please view available employment opportunities under "Job Postings" or click here.  If you are an employer looking for an Intern or a recent college graduate, please view available resumes under Job Seekers Available or click here.



    Jacob Mitchell

    I am a senior at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Finance as well as enrolled in MSU's...

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    Grant Schafer

    I am a recent graduate from Central Michigan University and I am currently looking for a full time e...

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    Emeliano Ameye

    I am looking to be a financial advisor/planner. This positon or a position preparing me for this rol...

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    Nick Urban

    I am currently a senior at Central Michigan University in the Personal Financial Planning Program. I...

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    Brennan Bardowski

    I am a junior at Central Michigan University majoring in Personal Financial Planning. I would love t...

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