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    Give Back to the Profession ...

    Central Michigan University is teaming up with the FPA of Michigan to launch The Student Advisor Connection Program and FPA of Michigan is looking for volunteers to mentor students studying Personal Financial Planning and aspiring to become CFP®’s. As a mentor, you will guide students over a minimum of three phone calls as they complete their personal financial planning degrees and transition into their financial planning careers. 

    Becoming a mentor allows you to provide students with “real world” advice and educate them on the different career paths available. Students will look to their mentors as a sounding board as they begin to navigate their financial planning careers. As a mentor you will also be encouraged to help the graduating student begin their journey into the FPA of Michigan by inviting them to events and introducing them to NexGen. The mentorship coordinator will provide guidance of topic areas to cover over the three phone calls. 

    There is no physical requirement, mentors can live in anywhere in the State of Michigan. Mentors will be invited to the students final capstone financial planning presentation and invited as a guest speaker if they are interested, but it is not required to attend.

    If you are interested in giving back, please click here to sign up.

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