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    We were recently contacted by the Future Financial Advisors Association (FFAA) which is a student organization at Central Michigan University (CMU). The organization was established to enhance a student's educational and professional background in the world of financial planning. Each Fall and Winter semester, FFAA hosts a Financial Services Career Night. The Career Night is specialized for financial firms and students - the only one of its kind at CMU.

    This year the event takes place Wednesday, October 17th from 6:00-8:30PM. Currently, FFAA is searching for financial firms who wish to attend. The event encourages recruitment for internship/full-time positions. We want to provide the best opportunities - for students and companies - to have proper engagement and actively build networks. The event itself is a fairly unique format.

    How it works is each firm is given four to five minutes to present an overview of their specific firm. The suggested requirements would contain your firm identity and philosophy, location(s), and job opportunities (internship/full-time). Once the presentations are concluded, there's a breakout session to give students the opportunity to network with the firms and extend resumes. For this specific event, we are expecting 50-75 students (both undergraduates and recent alumni) who will be attending the event. The cost to attend the event for the employers is completely free. If you are interested in attending, please contact Thomas Munoz at [email protected] or Will Mossett at [email protected]

    Did you know ... Last December, FPA of Michigan and Central Michigan University launched the "Student Advisor Connection Program". This program matches up student mentees with FPA MI member mentors. It allows mentors to provide mentees with "real world" advice and educate them on the different career paths available. This program has been a great success and since its inception, we have matched up over 20 CMU mentees with FPA MI mentors. We have also reached out to several other local universities (GVSU, MSU and WMU) to develop a similar program with their students and are currently working with MSU students as well! If you are interested in learning more about our mentorship program, please click here.

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