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    The Foundation for Financial Planning and our grantees, including the Financial Planning Association and the nonprofit Family Reach, have come together to power efforts that match at-risk cancer patients and families to volunteer CFP® professionals.

    Will you join us?

    To make a donation that will help connect cancer patients and their families to free, quality financial advice, please visit:

    To volunteer as a pro bono financial planner, lending your skills and knowledge to help patients manage their finances so they can focus on getting well, please visit:

    To learn about the impact this is having, read about Mike and Leslie Longo, who shared their story at the FPA National Conference in October.

    Mike and Leslie Long and their children

    “Everything we worked so hard for came crashing down,” said Leslie. “We had medical decisions to make, Mike was in the hospital for months at a time… we were overwhelmed by everything. The last thing you are thinking about is paying the bills, but they are still there, they don’t go away. Yusuf [Abugideiri, our pro bono financial planner] put all our finances in one place, so we were able to see the full picture. He confirmed things we weren’t sure about, and gave us answers to even the smallest questions… That formal approach really makes a difference.” Mike added, “We know Yusuf always has our back.”


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