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    New Student Loan Software for Advisors

    Our software debuted in mid-2018 and some will remember us from exhibiting at the FPA Michigan Symposium last year. We continue to grow and are now empowering 300+ Financial Planners that monitor over $100 Million in client student debt. LoanBuddy is useful for Advisors who work with graduates of any amounts of student debt and especially helps those enrolled in Public Service Loan Forgiveness, most commonly known as PSLF, manage that process.

    LoanBuddy is shifting the paradigm for younger CFP's, who remain focused on helping their clients with retirement and building up their business, but are now working with them earlier in their careers. And with U.S. federal student loan debt now exceeding $1.6 trillion, helping borrowers manage their financial health includes understanding what they are going through.

    Advisors can now gain the full picture of student loans and update their knowledge. In the LoanBuddy Education tab, Rebecca Maurer narrates five helpful Free videos and five hour long courses for Continuing Education credit, granted by the CFP Board, to provide a deeper understanding of student loans that include:

    • Types of Student Loans
    • Balance Driven Repayments
    • Income-Driven Repayments
    • Refinancing vs Consolidating
    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

    We are also pleased to announce that LoanBuddy has partnered with Credible, for your clients who are not enrolled in federal repayment programs, they could possibly save thousands by refinancing and can now consolidate their loans with our partnership with

    Credible is an online marketplace of lenders that enables borrowers to find competitive personalized loan offers from multiple vetted lenders in real time. Credible easily helps individuals in comparing student loan refi options from top lenders to find a loan that best fits their goals. It just takes two minutes for your client's to check and see how much they can save with no impact to their credit score.

    To watch our free videos, learn more about our Credible integration and try our LoanBuddy software use our special code for the FPA (use code: FPA) this will give you 20% off for the 1st 12 months. Our users only pay on a month to month basis and can run an unlimited amount client uploads.

    We have no annual contracts, canceling anytime is easy or you could take advantage of our free trial as well, it lasts for one month.

    LoanBuddy empowers Advisors with tools to help their clients manage and track their student loan debt. Automatically generating client-facing reports based on their NSLDS file, which streamlines client onboarding. The robust feature set includes includes a helpful calculator with repayment strategies and corresponding income-based federal repayment programs, as well as provides downstream tax implication data.

    Feel free to email us or ask any questions, we are here to help!

    Alex Bottom
    [email protected]

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