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    Become a College Planning Expert

    The Financial Planner's Guide to College Funding Advice

    Raise the bar in college funding advice and help end the student loan crisis one family at a time!

    Paying for college is the number one financial concern for most of our mass-affluent parents. Here is why:

    • They do not qualify for need-based financial aid yet do not have the resources for tuition.
    • Their college-education investment could cost $100,000 to $250,000.
    • The cost of college continues to rise at twice the rate of inflation.
    • American student loan debt has ballooned from $240 billion in 2003 to more than $1.5 trillion in 2018.

    CFP® professionals play a critical role is solving the student debt problem and helping families manage college costs. FPA is excited to partner with Capstone College Partners™ and its founder college funding expert Joe Messinger, CFP®, on providing The Financial Planner's Guide to College Funding Advice, an eight-module, self-study course designed especially for financial planners to fill a huge service gap. Born out of his desire to help clients, Messinger created a step-by-step College Pre-Approval™ process to provide comprehensive guidance to college-bound families, including everything from budgeting, school selecting and having tough conversations with children, to paying bills strategically and managing student debt. In addition to accessing this vast resource for delivering college advice, financial planners will begin to develop their ideas for building a college planning niche in their practice. Please visit Capstone College Partners’ website to join their student debt mission.

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