Pro Bono Committee

    The Pro Bono Committee knows that making wise financial decisions aligned with one’s values is what allows people to live a great life by their own definition. Therefore, we believe that every person/family deserves quality, comprehensive and unbiased advice regardless of their financial means or background. Our committee works to provide our members opportunities to serve the under served of our community who are going through a time of financial crisis, need quality advice, but for one reason or another cannot afford to pay for it. 

    Committee Chairs:

    Nadine Burns, MBA, CFP®

    Committee Members:

    Sandy Adams, CFP®
    Julie Hall, CFP®
    Deb Purcell, MBA, CFP®, ChSNC®

    Are you interested in joining the Pro Bono Committee or perhaps you have a question? If so, click here to email the Pro Bono Committee.